Hotter, Longer Summers Means It’s Time to Think About Insulation

Here in Clearwater temperatures don’t exactly plunge. Our winters are the envy of the world, and people come from “up north” to spend the warmest months of the year here. But that doesn’t mean we don’t look forward to fall and winter. After temperatures have soared into the 90s and heat indexes have made it into the 100s a steady stream of 60 and 70 degree days can come as a welcome relief, both to our comfort levels and to our wallets. After blasting the Read More +

The Technical Side Of Florida Energy Efficient Roofing

A lot goes into roofing than most people realize. There are fundamentals to technology that come into play here and it’s a good idea to get the nuts and bolts of what they are. First of all, the reflectivity of the roof is primary. This means that sunlight and heat are reflected away from the structure with a highly reflective color and material. It’s a combination of the two that achieves this and can be the difference between night and day regarding keeping heat away Read More +

What’s The Best Type of Insulation for a Florida Home?

There are basically three types of insulation that builders can use to make your home as energy-efficient as possible: batts, spray, and blown-in fiberglass insulation. We recommend blown-in foam roof insulation. It’s what we use for most Florida homes. It comes with a variety of advantages that makes it perfect for our climate. Blown-In Insulation Covers Every Nook and Cranny This is one of the biggest advantages. When you lay down fiberglass or cotton batts you get places where hot air continues to slip into Read More +

A Shingle Roof Can Be Painted For Beauty And Protection

It may sound strange for someone to paint a shingle roof, but it’s not that uncommon and there are some benefits most people may not understand. First of all, a shingle roof’s primary goal is to protect the home or structure. Goofing around with it could lead to damage occurring thus compromising the safety and durability of the roofing. Painting the shingle roof, however, can enhance safety and durability if done just right. Luckily there are a variety of outdoor paints available for painting a Read More +

Can Insulation Get Moldy?

Here in Florida it’s important to stay conscious of mold growth and the potential for inviting mold into our homes. The homeowners we work with often worry that their roof insulation may become moldy. Yes, some insulation can get moldy. It depends on the type you use. Cellulose insulation, which is just post-waste news print, can definitely get moldy. It’s an organic material, it gets damp easily, and it provides mold with the food that it loves. Fortunately, we don’t use that. We use fiberglass Read More +

Applying The Right Roofing Care Saves Money And Misery

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements that can wreak havoc on your home or other structure. A compromised roof will allow for damage and potential damage that can have devastating results that could at the extreme be irreparable. Roofing is one of the most important maintenance jobs regarding your home or structure. Walls come second. Roofing however can damage walls so with a compromised roof, your walls can endure irreparable damage making a roof a double liability if left un-maintained. Read More +

Are Insulation Batts Fireproof?

Many of our homeowners are curious about whether or not roof insulation offers additional fire protection to their home. Some are even concerned that certain types of insulation are going to represent a fire risk for their families. That’s why we thought we’d take a moment to address this question and clarify how it works. At Done Rite Roofing we use Owens-Corning Pink 044 insulation to take care of your home. This offers a high R-value, but it offers many other benefits as well. For Read More +

4 Warning Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation

Often when your home needs a repair, the signs are obvious and visible. Peeling paint, dripping faucets, and sheetrock cracks can all be clearly seen and heard. That’s probably why many homeowners deal with these problems immediately, but leave insulation problems for years and years without addressing them. Roof insulation is hidden. It’s tucked away in the attic, a place most people never venture. You can’t see it, and let’s face it, there are probably more glamorous improvements you might prefer to make. However, if Read More +

Do You Have Enough Insulation?

Improving the roof insulation in your home carries many benefits. It makes your home more energy efficient, which means it costs less to heat it and–more importantly for people here in Florida–to cool it. You might be asking, “Wait, isn’t my current insulation good enough?” Not necessarily. You see, Florida building codes only demand R-19 insulation in your attic. Since most builders want to cut costs, most homeowners are living in homes with the bare minimum of insulation they need to meet those codes. It’s Read More +

When is the Best Time to Update Your Insulation?

Here at Done Rite Insulaiton we don’t just provide roofing services. We also provide insulation services. Insulation is massively important. It keeps your home warm in the colder months and cool in the summer months. We recommend most Clearwater homeowners upgrade to R-38 insulation. This will keep your house comfortable and your energy bills low. So when is the best, least disruptive, most convenient time to upgrade your insulation? Usually it’s when we’re already tearing off the old roof, preparing you to receive a brand new Read More +