When is the Best Time to Update Your Insulation?

When is the Best Time to Update Your Insulation?Here at Done Rite Insulaiton we don’t just provide roofing services. We also provide insulation services.

Insulation is massively important. It keeps your home warm in the colder months and cool in the summer months. We recommend most Clearwater homeowners upgrade to R-38 insulation. This will keep your house comfortable and your energy bills low.

So when is the best, least disruptive, most convenient time to upgrade your insulation? Usually it’s when we’re already tearing off the old roof, preparing you to receive a brand new one.

This is because when the old roof is torn off we wind up exposing the roof deck. Most people’s roof deck is made of plywood. We can actually lift the plywood right off the trusses, accessing the attic right from the roof.

This means entering the attic to add your insulation becomes far less inconvenient and messy for homeowners. It also means you don’t have to be home during your insulation job—which would not be the case if we had to perform a stand-alone insulation job where we’d be accessing your attic from within your house.

But that’s not even the most important part.

The most important reason why this is the absolute best time to get your insulation done is at allows us to access 100% of your attic space.

If we enter the home from an interior space, we may only be able to reach portions of your attic. Some of it may be blocked off by framing. When we enter from above, that’s not a problem.

Obviously, gaining 100% insulation coverage means receiving 100% of the benefits of updating your insulation.

Bottom line? If you don’t already have good insulation, you might want to ask us to include new insulation in your new roofing quote. You’ll thank yourself when those low energy bills start rolling in.