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The Technical Side Of Florida Energy Efficient Roofing

A lot goes into roofing than most people realize. There are fundamentals to technology that come into play here and it’s a good idea to get the nuts and bolts of what they are. First of all, the reflectivity of the roof is primary. This means that sunlight and heat are reflected away from the structure with a highly reflective color and material. It’s a combination of the two that achieves this and can be the difference between night and day regarding keeping heat away Read More +

What’s The Best Type of Insulation for a Florida Home?

There are basically three types of insulation that builders can use to make your home as energy-efficient as possible: batts, spray, and blown-in fiberglass insulation. We recommend blown-in foam roof insulation. It’s what we use for most Florida homes. It comes with a variety of advantages that makes it perfect for our climate. Blown-In Insulation Covers Every Nook and Cranny This is one of the biggest advantages. When you lay down fiberglass or cotton batts you get places where hot air continues to slip into Read More +