Are Insulation Batts Fireproof?

Many of our homeowners are curious about whether or not roof insulation offers additional fire protection to their home. Some are even concerned that certain types of insulation are going to represent a fire risk for their families. That’s why we thought we’d take a moment to address this question and clarify how it works.

At Done Rite Roofing we use Owens-Corning Pink 044 insulation to take care of your home. This offers a high R-value, but it offers many other benefits as well. For example, this type of roof insulation does not settle or deteriorate, which means you’re making a long-term investment into your home whenever you choose to use it. It is also naturally fire-resistant.

Fire-resistant means several things. First, your insulation is not going to be the cause of fires during the normal course of events. It’s not going to overheat in your very hot attic and then suddenly burst into flames.

However, it is not “fireproof.” Eventually, roof insulation will burn. In fact, there is actually no such thing as a “fireproof” material. Here is a great definition from the American Institute of Steel Construction:

“Fire resistance means the ability of building components and systems to perform their intended fire separating and/or loadbearing functions under fire exposure. Fire resistant building components and systems are those with specified fire resistance ratings based on fire resistance tests. These ratings, expressed in minutes and hours, describe the time duration for which a given building component or system maintains specific functions while exposed to a specific simulated fire event. Various test protocols describe the procedures to evaluate the performance of doors, windows, walls, floors, beams, columns, etc. The term ‘fire proof’ is a misnomer in that nothing is fire proof. All construction materials, components and systems have limits where they will be irreparably damaged by fire.”

Basically, when you allow us to install this insulation on your behalf you are not inviting any kind of danger into your home. In addition, the type of roof insulation we install maintains its fire-resistant properties even when it is exposed to moisture…which is pretty important, considering how hot and wet some Clearwater attics can get.

If you have more questions about this insulation you can view the product specs here. As you’ll see, it’s some of the finest insulation on the market today and we install it with an expert’s care. You’ll be able to trust your roof insulation in your home for many years to come.