Upgrade Roof Insulation During Roof Replacement

Why the roof insulation upgrade?When you undertake a roof replacement project it is natural to be consumed with all the details related to the project. You will be thinking about the right material, finding a great contractor, and staying within the budget. In the process, you may lose sight of some home improvements that need your attention. One of the more significant things you should check is whether you upgrade roof insulation when you are planning a roof replacement. When you are planning a roof replacement remember it is a perfect time for upgrading the roof insulation.

Why the roof insulation upgrade?

Cooling and heating costs are a major expense for homeowners. However, these are unavoidable facts of life and you need to take the necessary steps to increase the comfort level of your home and improve energy efficiency. This is the reason why the homeowners need to be vigilant about the signs that indicate the need for roof insulation. Some common warning signs are,

  • Some of the rooms are never comfortable despite the continuous use of cooling and heating systems.
  • Energy bills are exceptionally high for the comfort levels inside the home.
  • The home attic is being used as a storage place.
  • The current roof insulation is sopping wet or damp meaning it is useless at the time.

Selecting the right kind of insulation

After you have decided to upgrade the roof insulation at the time of roof replacement the next step is talking to your contractor and determine the kind of insulation that will be suitable for your needs. Normally there are three basic kinds of roof insulation you must consider. Batts are large pieces of insulation you can see in between the wall studs. Batt insulation provides a strong barrier along the outer edges of the roof but energy efficiency may not be very high. Blown insulation is another form that comes with chunks of fiberglass or cellulose and it does a great job of covering all attic. You will get better energy efficiency and lower energy costs. Spray foam is another kind of insulation that is applied to the underside of the roof. It gives better space but lowers ventilation.

Similar to all home renovation projects the key to roof insulation is finding the right contractor for the job. You should get someone who will provide a roof replacement plan that fits your needs. You can get in touch with Done Rite Insulation for this project if you reside in the Tampa Bay region.