A Shingle Roof Can Be Painted For Beauty And Protection

A Shingle Roof Can Be Painted For Beauty And Protection

It may sound strange for someone to paint a shingle roof, but it’s not that uncommon and there are some benefits most people may not understand.

First of all, a shingle roof’s primary goal is to protect the home or structure. Goofing around with it could lead to damage occurring thus compromising the safety and durability of the roofing. Painting the shingle roof, however, can enhance safety and durability if done just right.

Luckily there are a variety of outdoor paints available for painting a shingle roof. These paints are engineered specifically for such, and it’s best to consult a roofing expert regarding your type of shingles, your roof’s specifications, weather, and more. You just can’t climb a ladder and slap any old paint on shingles. The roof has to be inspected first by a professional just in case there’s been a boo boo here and there. Once it’s determined your roof can be painted, it’s time to decide if you’ll do it or hire someone.

Since shingles come in a variety of constructs, some paints may or not adhere properly or have an unwanted chemical reaction. This is why you talk to an expert in roofing even if it’s just to get basic overall advice. Once you know what type of paint to use on your particular roof, it’s all about application from here on. If you live in an area of rough weather, then you want a paint that can hold muster. It’s got to hold up to heat and cold extremes, rain and snow as well. Wind is another factor. Debris and particulates can scratch or damage the surface and your paint has to live up to the challenge.

Since the paints come in a variety of colors you’ll have your choice of aesthetics to ponder. If you’re a fuel and energy efficient person, white or bright paint will reflect sunlight thus reducing the heat to the roof and structure overall. A good paint with a good UV coating is recommended here.

The combination of shingles and paint will then afford for double protection to your home, which is one of your biggest lifetime investments. A well done paint job and solid roofing maintenance cannot help but raise the equity in your home and provide the nice look and protection your investment deserves.

It’s all about good planning, educating yourself and getting the right consultation from a professional roofer that will get your home looking good and well protected.

Image credit: Ekaterina Bespyatova