How To Increase Your Roof’s Life?

A regular roof inspection can head off expensive repairsThe roof covers our house 24/7 and shields our family from all kinds of climates. Over the years, despite the best roofing installations, it undergoes a considerable amount of wear and tear. To ensure it lasts for its expected life, regular care is needed to take the best care of your roof. The following practices are effective to maintain your roof and keep it in its best condition.

Clean Your Roof Twice Each Year

Cleaning is the most important part and involves the removal of debris such as branches and leaves. It ensures water swiftly flows and does not accumulate in corners. Hence, clean your roof twice each year and preferably during the autumn and spring season.

Clean The Gutters

Gutters and roofs work together while keeping the moisture flowing away from your house. If gutters get clogged, standing water after a storm seeps through the shingles sheaths and exposes the roof to potential rotting and structural damage.

Take Proactive Measures

Staying proactive and taking preventive measures to protect the roof can avoid substantial damage. You should check your attic insulation regularly as it is responsible to stop water from pooling under the roof when there is a leakage.

Similarly, trim off the overhanging branches to prevent major damage to your roofing. Doing this ensures these branches don’t snap off and hit the roof during a fierce storm. Proper ventilation is another practice that is an important preventive measure. It keeps the air at a constant current around the house and prevents moisture from developing. Regular inspection and cleaning can help in dealing with such a scenario. In case your attic lacks ventilation, prioritize installing one.

Closely Inspect The Roof After A Storm

If your region had seen a hailstorm, tornado, or thunderstorm, you should consider checking the roof for possible damages. Make sure you check for the smallest dent on the shingle as they can convert into a bigger problem in the future.

Look for missing shingles besides dented and torn ones. Shingles show sagging or bald spots indicating that your roof has been damaged. It’s always better to proactively look for such damages than to let them go. Noticing such damages early could save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you recently noticed some damage to your roof or it’s been a while since it was serviced by a professional, consult an expert roofing agency. In case you live in Clearwater, FL, you can contact Done Rite Insulation. They are experts with their services and have been serving customers for the past several years.