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Will Insulation Improve the Value of Your Home?

We admit it…insulation isn’t the sexiest home improvement you can make. It’s not as exciting as a whirlpool tub or a brightly colored backsplash. It’s not as trendy as an outdoor kitchen. But if you’re looking for a home improvement which will deliver a good return on investment when you’re trying to sell, roof insulation is hard to beat. It brings the value…and it lowers your bills today….something shiny  new kitchen remodeling job just can’t do for you. It’s an especially good improvement if your Read More +

Get Blown Away With This Insulation Product!

Who ever guessed that installing insulation could be this fun. Well with AttiCat you can install that insulation easy and fast and with professional skill! AttiCat Insulation Blowing Machine actually conditions the pink Fiberglass by breaking it up and fluffing it like cotton candy. This adds millions of tiny air pockets that turn the insulation into a powerful spray on product that is easy to use and does the job. The insulation gets additional conditioning through the hose of the device as it is delivered Read More +

Don’t Be Late, Insulate!

It goes without saying why insulation in the home is of vital importance, but thee are actually people who neglect their insulation and sit around wondering why their energy bills are so high. It’s because insulation is in an out of the way place. Let’s not tarry here. Insulation is one of the most important substances in your home. It protects you from the inclement weather and serves as a great way to keep energy costs low. It also provides a modicum of sound proof Read More +