Reasons For The Installation Of Solar-Powered Attic Fans

installing solar-powered roof fans in the atticWhen you have a bonus room or bedroom in the attic that gets too hot in the summer you can think of installing solar-powered roof fans in the attic. The PV or Solar fans run on solar power and replace the superheated air from the attic with the cooler air from outside. It also decreases the quantity of work performed by the HVAC system for cooling the living area on the upper floors. The gable-end attic fans work the best as they are capable of moving a lot more air than the roof-mounted mushroom-top solar-powered units.

1. Improves the comfort levels inside the home: By raising the ventilation and by moving the stuffy and hot air out of the attic, the solar-powered roof fans work for lowering the attic temperature by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The attic fans also help in keeping the rooms and their occupants below the attic cool. Keep in mind that the usual electric fans many times pull up carbon monoxide and dangerous fumes from the basement. The relatively gentle air-moving capability of the solar fans maintains the attic pressure at a safer level and provides effective airflow in the home as well.

2. Safety: The standard line-powered electric fans normally cost more to operate than solar-powered fans. They are also responsible for developing negative pressure with risks involved in pulling conditioned air from home inside the attic. There is also the hazardous possibility of pulling the gases such as carbon monoxide generated by the combustion appliances inside the house. Once the solar-powered or PV fan is in place it does not require much to operate.

3. Cost-efficient: Most of the benefits associated with PV fans will directly or indirectly result in saving your money. Although the energy savings by using solar-powered fans are usually moderate you can think of protecting the roof and increasing the life of the air-conditioners as well. Also, remember that homeowners and business owners can get a 30% federal tax credit for using renewable energy units.

4. Roof protection and quieter operation: During the summer months there is an excessive heat build-up inside the attic and it can also lead to damaged asphalt shingles. During the colder months, the moisture often gets condensed in the attic. This leads to all kinds of moisture-related damage such as mold, mildew, and rot. If you find that the metal object lying in the attic is rusting it is a good indication that you should get solar attic fans. Most people don’t use fans because of the noise they make. But, rest assured, the solar-powered fans are quiet and will not keep you awake at night.

5. Energy saving: Removing the excessive attic heat decreases the load on the air conditioning system in the house as the AC doesn’t have to run as much. But, keep in mind that running the conventional attic fans wastes more energy than they can save as a substitute for the AC units. The solar-powered attic fans use energy from the sun therefore you are decreasing fossil fuel consumption and the carbon footprint.

It is relatively easy to install the attic fans. However, the installation procedure requires roof penetration, therefore if you are not sure about the installation of the roof flashing it is a good idea to call the professionals such as Done Rite Insulation. if you live in the Clearwater, FL area. There are risks involved in working on the rooftop environment so give a call to the reputed business for a safe installation. Keep in mind that it takes just a little bit of time for the attic fan installation on the roof. So, you may start enjoying the benefits right away.