Monthly Archives: September 2016

Creative Energy Efficient Eco Friendly Roofing

A roof is a large space that just sits there and only protects the home from inclement weather. What if the area the roof covers were to be used for more creative and eco friendly purposes? Well that’s what’s been happening around the world and it looks like something that can change the face of both urban and rural environments. The primary purpose of the roof is protection. Nothing should be done to compromise this. Creative engineering can improve that protection especially regarding energy efficiency Read More +

Hotter, Longer Summers Means It’s Time to Think About Insulation

Here in Clearwater temperatures don’t exactly plunge. Our winters are the envy of the world, and people come from “up north” to spend the warmest months of the year here. But that doesn’t mean we don’t look forward to fall and winter. After temperatures have soared into the 90s and heat indexes have made it into the 100s a steady stream of 60 and 70 degree days can come as a welcome relief, both to our comfort levels and to our wallets. After blasting the Read More +