Hotter, Longer Summers Means It’s Time to Think About Insulation

think about insulationHere in Clearwater temperatures don’t exactly plunge. Our winters are the envy of the world, and people come from “up north” to spend the warmest months of the year here.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t look forward to fall and winter. After temperatures have soared into the 90s and heat indexes have made it into the 100s a steady stream of 60 and 70 degree days can come as a welcome relief, both to our comfort levels and to our wallets.

After blasting the AC all summer long most people are ready for a break when it comes to their electric bills. But summer temperatures have begun encroaching well into fall. Given NASA just discovered that the earth has had its hottest year on record  we can expect the trend to continue.

Furthermore, it’s costing a lot more energy to keep houses cool, since ACs have to work harder to keep up. It’s not uncommon to watch a $98 energy bill soar to an $248 energy bill during those summer months as it is…at least, it’s not uncommon in houses that have insulation problems.

Houses that have great insulation usually only experience a slight variation in their electric bills after the weather starts heating up.

While the initial investment of new insulation may provide some sticker shock the truth is that any insulation update can pay for itself in a very short period of time. You may see it pay for itself in just two to three seasons.

Assuming you intend to stay in your house for many years this would represent a very smart long-term investment. Florida, after all, is not getting any cooler. You’re always going to have to switch on that AC.

The only question is how much you’re going to pay every time the unit switches on. If you’ve been watching those cooling bills skyrocket this year there’s only one thing to do. Contact Done Rite to get the high-quality insulation installation. That way, you won’t have to worry so  much about what Mother Nature is doing outside.