Monthly Archives: March 2016

Do You Have Enough Insulation?

Improving the roof insulation in your home carries many benefits. It makes your home more energy efficient, which means it costs less to heat it and–more importantly for people here in Florida–to cool it. You might be asking, “Wait, isn’t my current insulation good enough?” Not necessarily. You see, Florida building codes only demand R-19 insulation in your attic. Since most builders want to cut costs, most homeowners are living in homes with the bare minimum of insulation they need to meet those codes. It’s Read More +

When is the Best Time to Update Your Insulation?

Here at Done Rite Insulaiton we don’t just provide roofing services. We also provide insulation services. Insulation is massively important. It keeps your home warm in the colder months and cool in the summer months. We recommend most Clearwater homeowners upgrade to R-38 insulation. This will keep your house comfortable and your energy bills low. So when is the best, least disruptive, most convenient time to upgrade your insulation? Usually it’s when we’re already tearing off the old roof, preparing you to receive a brand new Read More +