Applying The Right Roofing Care Saves Money And Misery

Applying The Right Roofing Care Saves Money And MiseryYour roof is the first line of defense against the elements that can wreak havoc on your home or other structure. A compromised roof will allow for damage and potential damage that can have devastating results that could at the extreme be irreparable.
Roofing is one of the most important maintenance jobs regarding your home or structure. Walls come second. Roofing however can damage walls so with a compromised roof, your walls can endure irreparable damage making a roof a double liability if left un-maintained.

It doesn’t take much, just one small hole can invite all sorts of trouble for the building. A hole in just the right strategic place can not only allow water to collect, but also debris and insects. Once these menaces take root under your roof the damage can be extensive and expensive.

First danger is water. Water and moisture are not good friends of a homes strong infrastructure. Water can seep or well up under a roof making it sag and soggy, also allowing a very dangerous condition of mold to develop. Getting rid of mold can be costly, and dangerous to those within as breathing the mold spores can lead to injury or even death. Those susceptible to allergies can find a moldy home nothing short of a torture chamber.

Soggy roofs and wood, and insulation can weigh a ton more. If the roof’s tiles or shingles become loosened an even bigger hole can develop allowing for water, heat, and cold to affect the supports and electrical. Water in one’s electrical systems can lead to horrific injuries and can start fires. It’s no joke that a hole in the roof is worse than a hole in the head. Insulation getting soggy can weigh much more and might cause a collapse. Treasured heirlooms secured in the attic might suffer damage and loss.

Insects just love to invade a home, especially bees. Bees can build a colony of immense size and intricacy inside your roof and walls. Same with termites. Getting an exterminator to come in and rid you of these pests can cost a good amount of money but if you don’t repair your roof it can happen all over again.

Why some people procrastinate regarding roofing repair is just another reason roofing experts have to spend that extra time correcting things. Debris can get under a roof and depending on its makeup, can deteriorate and take parts of the roof with it.
Plants, even small animals like mice and rats and bats can nest in a damaged roof and then you’re talking a major effort to get rid of them. If some endangered species gets under your roof, you really will have a problem getting that roof repaired as it calls for specialized licensed exterminators or wildlife professionals to come in. It’s rare but it does happen, and you will have to foot the bill which can be quite costly.

Needless to say a roof damaged can and does cause misery with energy costs. Heat and air conditioning seep out of the house causing those systems to work overtime and costing more energy. It’s like throwing good money out of the window. Repairing the roof and applying preventative damage measures is not only prudent but a necessity for overall survival.

Finally, bad or incompetent construction can cause your roof to be a menace just waiting to happen. Have an inspector check your roof, whether your structure is old or new. Sometimes busy or unscrupulous people will cut corners or not follow safety and professional construction guidelines leaving you holding the bag.

So in the finish, your roof is your first line of defense for your home or structure. Have it inspected, keep up the maintenance, and never neglect it and you’ll be safer and sounder.