How Insulation Helps You Conserve Energy

Heat exchange through surfaces (e.g. walls, attics, ducts, roofs) is reduced when you insulate them. This is why less warm air escapes through well-insulated homes during the winter months. This is also true for the amount of cool air that escapes from these homes throughout the summer months. All this is great news for you as a homeowner because it means that your energy bills will be lower since you’ll need less energy for heating and cooling your home – by as much as 20%. Read More +

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

As a homeowner when it’s time to make your property more energy efficient you’ll want to find ways to save money while also adding value to your property. While you may want to start with simple upgrades (e.g. sealing around windows, weather stripping around doors), don’t expect them to increase your home’s value much. It’s the larger upgrades which cost more money that’ll add the most value to your home. As such, they really are worthy of your consideration. Valuable Home Energy Saving Improvements Some Read More +

Why Your Home in Florida Needs Insulation

While we all know that insulation in our walls, floors, and ceilings helps heat and cool our home, what we may not realize is there are different types of insulation and that each home has different requirements. For instance, there’s attic insulation that plays an essential role in your home in Florida. Why you Should Care About Attic Insulation The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says this insulation is the most important type of insulation because it provides the biggest ROI (return on Read More +

Insulation Installation Tips

Installing new house insulation is one of those things that many people feel should be a DIY project. However, it’s important that you do it right or the attic insulation you install won’t help you heat or cool your home, nor will it make your home more energy efficient. This is why there are some tips that you really do need to follow here. DIY House Insulation Tips When you feel ready to add attic insulation to your home, there are some tips that you’ll Read More +

What you Must Know Before Insulating Your Attic

Heating and cooling your home is expensive. However, you’ll find that it’s even more expensive when you don’t have enough roof insulation. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates you can save 10% – 50% on these bills when you have the right insulation. While you may think that you could simply stuff some more insulation up there, you’d be surprised to hear of the important considerations you must make in this regard. Choosing the Right Roof Insulation Type and Material There are two main Read More +