Why Your Home in Florida Needs Insulation

Your Home in Florida Needs InsulationWhile we all know that insulation in our walls, floors, and ceilings helps heat and cool our home, what we may not realize is there are different types of insulation and that each home has different requirements. For instance, there’s attic insulation that plays an essential role in your home in Florida.

Why you Should Care About Attic Insulation

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says this insulation is the most important type of insulation because it provides the biggest ROI (return on investment). Remember, heat rises so it’ll end up in your attic and not be circulated back into your home where it keeps you comfortable throughout the winter. When it’s trapped there it also forces your HVAC system to work harder so it costs you more money to operate. Insulation can prevent this from happening. Additionally, your attic insulation also prevents rain water damage because it won’t leak into your home, causing mold and resulting in health problems.

What Insulation is Necessary in Your Attic

Now that you understand that there are some specific challenges to your attic, you should also realize that a different type of insulation is necessary there. You’ll need one that has a higher R-value (between 38 – 49) than what you’d use in your walls (between 13 – 18). Of course, this is just one of the many considerations you must take into account when you look at insulation – many of which are quite overwhelming.

It’s also important to use spray foam insulation instead of any other type. This is because it’s designed to seal off any air leaks, which will keep the water and mold out of your home. At the same time, this insulation also holds the air you want in your home in there.

How to Install Attic Insulation

Unfortunately, installing spray insulation I a complex process, which is why it’s something that’s best done in new construction. This doesn’t mean that older homes can’t have it installed, it’s just more difficult to do so. If you do have an older home, the best time to add this type of attic insulation is when your home is undergoing a renovation because your home will need to be vented for a few days in order to get rid of the fumes. Once vented and the fumes escape, this insulation is perfectly safe for your family.

Getting Your Home the Insulation it Needs

Maybe you can now see that it’s time to rethink your attic’s insulation. In the past you probably didn’t even think about attic insulation, but hopefully now you can understand why it’s so important for you to have this available to you in Florida. Now the only thing that’s left is to find the right company to take care of this work for you. Fortunately, this is something that Done Rite Insulation has been doing for many clients throughout the years who’ve been very satisfied with their work. Your home should be next on their list, so give them a call today.