Insulation Installation Tips

Insulation Installation TipsInstalling new house insulation is one of those things that many people feel should be a DIY project. However, it’s important that you do it right or the attic insulation you install won’t help you heat or cool your home, nor will it make your home more energy efficient. This is why there are some tips that you really do need to follow here.

DIY House Insulation Tips

When you feel ready to add attic insulation to your home, there are some tips that you’ll want to keep in mind. These include:

  • Never compress your attic insulation because this will only serve to reduce its insulating capacity.
  • Make sure you use the appropriate products to seal all the openings and cracks along your ceiling, light fixtures, top, and sole plates before you install your house insulation.
  • Never cover your attic or soffit vents with house insulation.
  • Make sure you weather-stirp and insulate all the access hatches and doors to a level that’s equivalent to the insulation you’re installing on the surrounding surfaces.
  • Match the type of insulation you use in your wall system to that which is most compatible with the insulation you’re using.
  • Use spray paint to mark attic trusses. This will serve as a guide so you have uniformity and the proper insulation depth.
  • Always wear protective clothing when working with insulation. This will help to reduce skin and lung irritation.
  • Before you start working with the insulation you should read the manufacturer’s directions so you’re sure to follow them.
  • Make sure you always install insulation clear and away from heat sources including recessed light fixtures, bare stove pipes, motors, any other type of equipment. This will help reduce the risk of equipment failure or fire.
  • The best way to reduce insulation degradation and provide easy access to all the different parts of your attic is to fasten wiring, cables, and other systems above the insulation. You should also make sure that they’re accessible via a service easement platform.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Taking the time to properly add attic insulation to your home is important. Doing so won’t only help reduce your heating and cooling costs but it will also help make your home feel more comfortable. Before you jump into adding this insulation to your home you must use proper air sealing and moisture control measures to make sure that your home is truly comfortable. If you find that installing new attic insulation isn’t as easy as you’d hoped it would be, maybe it’s time to call in the professionals at Done Rite Insulation. Over the years this company has helped many home owners improve upon their house insulation. These people were highly satisfied with the service they received. There’s no reason why your home shouldn’t be next.