How Insulation Helps You Stay Comfortable at Home

Staying Comfortable at Home: Does Insulation Help in the Summer?When you step into some people’s homes you find that they feel nice and cozy regardless of what time of the year it is. This has probably caused you to stop and wonder why this is true, but this shouldn’t be all that much of a mystery to you. What it boils right down to is their home has great insulation. This helps their home not feel like a sauna throughout the hot, Florida summer months even when their air conditioner isn’t continually running. These homeowners understand the importance of house insulation and in specific attic insulation – how it creates an air barrier around their home, holding in the cool air while holding out the hot air. It’s this insulation’s job to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

How House Insulation Helps You Beat the Summer Heat

Regardless of where you’re living in Florida, you’ll need the help of either a window air conditioner unit or a central air unit to keep your home cool in the summer. These are the only appliances in your home that will create cold air. Everything else will simply radiate heat. Your attic insulation plays a big role in maintaining a constant comfortable temperature in your home once your air conditioning has done its job.

Foam vs. Traditional House Insulation

The best type of attic insulation is that which is made of foam. It can create an air barrier that will keep the cool air inside your home and the hot summer air outside your home. If your home doesn’t have enough of this house insulation, you won’t have an adequate barrier working on your behalf here. This is why you should think of your foam insulation like one of those foam cups that you get at the gas station – the one that keeps your coffee warm and your soda cold.

The way this works is that the house insulation is sprayed or injected into the home’s cavities, gaps, and crevices where it stops air leakage and movement from happening. An added bonus here is that when you have enough of this insulation in place your AC unit won’t constantly run in an effort to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of your home. This will save you money on your monthly energy bills.

Unfortunately, most homes are full of traditional attic insulation materials (e.g. fiberglass, cellulose), which don’t protect it from airflow and leakage. These materials are a poor choice for attic insulation, especially if you’re trying to create a more energy efficient home. This is something that foam insulation is the best option for since it can provide you with both heat resistance and a tight air seal.

Done Rite Insulation has worked with thousands of home owners in Florida over the years. Our company understands the important role your home’s insulation plays in reducing your carbon footprint and helping to make your home more energy efficient. We look forward to working with and helping you too.

Image credit: bruce mars