How To Protect Your Roof In A Hurricane

How To Protect Your Roof In A HurricaneIt doesn’t matter whether it is a powerful tropical depression or a catastrophic hurricane that your household has to face. Flying debris, torrential downpour, and wind gusts can cause major damages to the house and roof. Your roofing is particularly vulnerable because of its large exposed surface area. If your roof has torn-off shingles, you will be running the risks of water entering the house via roof decks and they can cause a lot of damage to the ceiling and walls. Luckily there are certain things you can do before time for making sure that your roof is ready for the hurricane season.

Use hurricane safety strategies

Having hurricanes is a fact of life for many homeowners residing close to the ocean. You can undertake many strategies for safeguarding the family and your home. Create an emergency plan and follow the evacuation orders. You need to stock up the supplies and have plans for power outages. Also, shutter the windows, clean the gutters and downspouts, stow outdoor equipment, and check the sump pump.

Make arrangements for pre-season inspection

Your roof will have a much better chance of making it unscathed through a season of severe hurricane attack when you have taken care of the areas of concern before the rough weather arrives. You need to schedule your roof inspection for damaged flashing and cracked shingles ahead of the hurricane season. It is also a good time for discussions on the ways of shoring up the roof for strong winds.

Provide extra support

When you are living in a region that is prone to these hurricanes it might be a good idea to reinforce the frames of your roof. Any professional roofing contractor will explain to you the pros and cons involved in various roof consolidation methods such as collar ties, braces, and strapping.

Select high-quality products

At the time of a hurricane, there are winds developed and they can result in powerful uplift that is capable of peeling off the shingles from your roof surface. Eaves and edges are especially vulnerable to this issue. After working on the shingles, this high wind will start working on the underlayment and pretty soon the roof becomes defenseless against all the pounding rain. The wind gusts are capable of carrying objects such as lawn furniture and tree branches turning them into dangerous projectiles causing damage to flashing and shingles. Some of the common roofing solutions include,

Water and ice barriers

The ice and water barriers are designed for protecting the roof from the areas where the water is likely to collect such as vents, skylights, chimneys, and valleys. At the time of the hurricane, these winds may drive rain inside the horizontal sheets. If you have self-adhering underlayment, it will prevent the water from entering through the roof deck. In the regions that are prone to hurricanes, the contractors use ice and water barrier over the entire roof.

Be a careful homeowner

When it is time for hurricanes you need to prepare for it a lot better similar to reacting to an emergency. Maintain your house ready for the hurricanes providing regular inspections. Use reliable products that are designed for defending against driving rain, flying debris, and wind gusts.

Watch out for possible insurance discounts

The homeowners that are proactive in the protection of their homes are likely to benefit from certain insurance discounts. Many states require insurance providers to provide discounts to the homeowners that observe building codes related to hurricanes. You might be required to schedule wind mitigation inspections depending on the insurance carrier you are using. At the time of the assessment, the certified inspectors can determine how well the house can withstand strong winds. They can consider windows, siding, doors, and roofing.

Immediately when the roof of your home begins to display signs of wear and tear, or if you are looking to get a pre-hurricane season inspection done, you have to talk to independent roofing contractors. They will discuss the advantages of overall roof replacement vs. roof repair. After this, they can advise you about hurricane prevention strategies suitable for the current roofing condition. If you live in Pinellas County, FL area, opt for Done Rite Insulation to get professional help.