How Should You Cool A Hot Attic During The Summer?

How Should You Cool A Hot Attic During The Summer?You need to service your attic from time to time and the gap depends on the kind of home you own. Although some of us might be having an attic bedroom or a storeroom, most of us rarely go to that part of the house. Irrespective of how frequently you visit that section, it has to be kept cool.

During hot summer days in Florida when temperatures are soaring, this becomes more important. Besides keeping your house cool, there are several reasons to cool your attic. They include saving energy and protecting the roof. In case you are searching for ways to cool your attic, we have compiled some tips below:

Implement Creative Ideas
A dark roof shingle absorbs more sunlight and converts that energy into heat. As a result, the attic heats up very quickly. Using your creativity you can give your roof a makeover and stop it from absorbing excessive sunlight. You should implement ideas where the roof starts reflecting the sunlight. Investing in reflective shingles or using roof coatings according to the roof type is a good solution. Such steps stop absorbing excessive sunlight and increase the life of your attic.

Check Ventilation
Attic ventilation is important as it up keeps your house cool. Hence, ensure it is installed and functioning correctly. A well-ventilated attic keeps hot air out of your house and maintains the natural airflow. Working along with the attic insulation, adequate ventilation ensures that hot air doesn’t enter the attic from outside. You can choose among various kinds of attic ventilation. If you feel your ventilation system isn’t keeping the attic cool, speak to an expert and fix the issues immediately.

Attic Insulation
Irrespective of the fact that the attic is used, proper insulation is a must. Attic insulation acts as a barrier between the house and the outer world. Despite spending substantial money to keep your house cool, improper insulation would not allow the cool systems to work at their best ability.

In the summer season, poor insulation, especially in the attic allows heat to flow inside the house. Additionally, if the floor of the attic isn’t insulated properly, heat travels through the ceiling inside your house. In such scenarios, the air conditioner will also find it difficult to keep your house cool and eventually increase the energy costs.

Spray foam insulation besides being water-resistant has a high R-value. They are perfect for insulating homes in Florida. They keep unwanted hot air outside and make the inner space cooler.

For keeping the attic cool, proper insulation is the best place to start. If you aren’t sure if the insulation isn’t up to the mark, you should consult an experienced roofing expert. Their free spray foam technique easily detects the flaws and gives the instant solution. You should immediately get in touch with an expert if your home remains too hot despite running your AC.

Choosing the perfect insulation material for your home is dependent on the area you are insulating. You can compare your needs with the budget to ensure that you are using the best material for your house In case you are worried about how to cool an attic this summer in Clearwater & Pinellas County, get in touch with Done Rite Insulation. Professionals at the company have years of roofing experience and can give the best and the most affordable solutions for your roof. They are among the well-known roof insulation service providers in Florida.