Get Blown Away With This Insulation Product!

Get Blown Away With This Insulation Product!Who ever guessed that installing insulation could be this fun. Well with AttiCat you can install that insulation easy and fast and with professional skill!

AttiCat Insulation Blowing Machine actually conditions the pink Fiberglass by breaking it up and fluffing it like cotton candy. This adds millions of tiny air pockets that turn the insulation into a powerful spray on product that is easy to use and does the job. The insulation gets additional conditioning through the hose of the device as it is delivered to your attic or area in need of insulation.

This approach is unique in that instead of the tedious old way of installing insulation, you end up delivering more efficient and powerful product that doesn’t settle but stays firm and in place.

This AttiCat product doesn’t take long to apply either. No more days of sweating it out in an attic and getting insulation in your skin. You use the device and it can complete the job in around 1.5 hours and the entire attic did in less than four hours, based on an area of 1,000 square feet at R-30. The system used by AttiCat is self-feeding and you can aim it right to put insulation just where you want it to be a not all over the place. Not only that but AttiCat has an Autocutter!

AuttiCat leaves no mess either. It’s neat and clean and practically worry free. No more hours of clean up and frustration. This system does the work for you and you get to see it pump that Fiberglass smoothly and efficiently. It also is a low dust system so even if you wear a face mask which is recommended you still won’t have that layer of dust to deal with afterward.

If that’s not enough, the AuttiCat system is optimized for minimal handling and is a fully closed system with a hose-mounted remote control. Hot weather or cold, your house needs to be insulated for a number of reasons. You want to keep the warm air in when it’s cold and the cold air in when it’s warm. You’ll end up saving lots on utilities as you won’t have to push your air conditioning and heating to the limit. This saves time and money and also protects your home in the short and long run.

Image credit: AttiCat