Don’t Be Late, Insulate!

Don't Be Late, Insulate!It goes without saying why insulation in the home is of vital importance, but thee are actually people who neglect their insulation and sit around wondering why their energy bills are so high. It’s because insulation is in an out of the way place.
Let’s not tarry here. Insulation is one of the most important substances in your home. It protects you from the inclement weather and serves as a great way to keep energy costs low. It also provides a modicum of sound proof protection and preserves the life of the home.

You’ll find insulation in various places in the home. Floors, walls, roofs, windows, and more. Having it professionally installed means you’ll keep yourself and your belongings cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also protects against insects who would gain entrance to the home and cause untold damage and worry.

The various types of insulation available in today’s market range from that pink cotton candy looking stuff, to composites of modern day materials that when applied, seal off all sorts of nooks and crannies.

A good installation installer will know all the materials at hand and help you with the various types. They’ll not use any dangerous toxic material and if you are concerned, the honest installation installer will take the time to educate and discuss with you these materials as well as how to care for them and not cause accidents.

People have used all kinds of insulation over the centuries and you wouldn’t believe how well dried grass, spent wool, shredded newspaper served as insulation. Flammable in some cases but otherwise safe and effective.

Some even used dried and crushed bark and other substances you don’t want to know about other than the fact that they came from the cattle pasture.

Spray foam roof insulation is a favorite as it really gets into those hard to get at places. It’s fast to install too. Nowadays the big foam insulation sprayers can do a whole room in less than an hour, even a whole floor. These new insulators are fireproof and state of the art regarding temperature and moisture control and insect repellent. It’s amazing watching the technicians install this type of insulation as they cover a huge area and then sculpt off the excess an they’re done!

If you’re thinking of installing your own insulation, it’s best to let the professionals do it. They’ll know just what to do and you won’t have to risk yourself with the materials that can be a great irritant not to mention somewhat hazardous. DIY (Do It Yourself) insulation installation may sound like a real cost saving venture but you have to understand, unless you’ve been thoroughly trained you might cause harm to the home and yourself. Let a pro do it.

Finally, if you’ve an older home or are thinking of purchasing one, you need to dig deep to see what insulation, if any, the old domicile has. Older homes have spaces and gaps that are like a jigsaw puzzle. Only a professional insulation installer can make heads or tails of such a structure. You want to insulate it but you don’t want to damage it, especially with foam as those gaps and holes an cracks might end up with gooey insulation erupting from them.

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