Why Use Pure Safety Insulation in Your Home

Pure Safety Insulation in Your HomeOwens Corning offers Pure Safety home insulation, which is the world’s first ever roof insulation that’s certified to be both allergy and asthma friendly. With this high performance insulation you’ll have about 65% less dust in your home. Additionally, it’s both mold and mildew resistant, as well as being Class A fire rated and able to reduce noise by as much as 50%. Clearly, you can see how this home insulation makes your home healthier, safer, and more comfortable.

Just How Impressive Pure Safety Home Insulation Is

Many consumers are quite impressed with this unfaced, 3½ ” thick x 15″ wide x 93″ long mineral fiber
roof insulation today. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • It’s allergy and asthma friendly, certified as such by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (the leading national nonprofit organization in this sector). This is great news for the more than 70 million Americans who suffer from allergies and asthma, especially since it’s backed by a study that was conducted in 2006. In this study, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America collaborated with Allergy Standards Limited (a physician-led certification company) to find consumer products suitable for their patients, which Pure Safety home insulation is.
  • It’s fire resistant, giving you a few, valuable, extra moments to escape from your home if it catches on fire. This is in accordance to ASTM E84, which also gave it the lowest Flame Spread and Smoke Development ratings possible.
  • It reduces noise by up to 50% both from exterior, as well as interior sources. This is in accordance with ASTM C423 and ASTM E90. It also has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 1.20.

Choosing Pure Safety Home Insulation for Your Home

Like the Owens Corning, EcoTouch, and PINK roof insulation that you’ve always relied on, Pure Safety also offers excellent thermal performance, low dust, and has a high percentage of recycled content. It’s also verified formaldehyde-free. Where it’s different is that Pure Safety is specially designed to be high density, which is how it receives its asthma and allergy friendly certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

The reason it receives this certification is that it’s a high-performance mineral fiber insulation. It has low VOC emissions and is UL Validated because it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde. Instead, it’s a bio-based product that meets the USDA BioPreferred guidelines and, according to the SCS Global Services, it has at least 65% recycled content.

Besides meeting high standards, it also performs well. Since it has a lot of high-density R-15 home insulation it doesn’t contribute to your allergies or asthma. Instead, it contributes to healthy indoor air while also being fire resistant, reducing up to 50% of the noise in your home and still having its class’ highest thermal performance rate.

Professionals Recommend Pure Safety Home Insulation

Why Professionals Recommend Pure Safety Home Insulation

Clearly, you can see why the professionals love this roof insulation. Besides the fact they want you to enjoy these great benefits in your home, they also love that it’s so easily installed because of this insulation’s high density. This results in 65% less dust throughout the insulation process and yet they can still make sure that it fits into and fills up every cavity within your home.

Now that you’ve seen why this is the right roof insulation for in your home today, you’re probably ready to have this all-purpose R-15 insulation installed in your home’s interior and exterior walls, floors, and attic today. This is why we invite you to contact us today at Done Rite Insulation. We’ll save you time, money, and the misery of dealing with things like noise, asthma, and allergies any longer.

Image Credit: Owens Corning