Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Top tips for saving energy in your homeThere are plenty of good reasons why you should be concerned about saving energy today. Not only do you not want to spend your entire paycheck on your energy bill but you also want to make sure that our environment is around for future generations to enjoy. Today, there are many energy saving measures you can take to make this happen.

Home insulation is probably the first thing you’ll think of here. After all, there have been a lot of studies showing that insulation is what makes your home truly energy efficient. In fact, by investing $1,500 in insulation for your home you could save $600 on your heating bill. This isn’t the only energy saving you can take though.

Energy Saving for Throughout the Year

There are many ways you can save energy and make sure that your home is energy efficient today. Some of these are investments that you’ll want to make. These will pay for themselves and include:
Weatherization: Check for any drafts around your doors and windows. You can do this by using a piece of tissue paper attached to a string. If it moves, air is leaking through these areas and you need weather-stripping and caulking. This will save you 10% on your energy bill.
Have energy saving items installed in your home. This includes items like water-saver shower heads or flow restrictors, doors, windows, and kitchen appliances. Some of these items are inexpensive while others are more costly but all of them will save you money and eventually pay for themselves. In fact, doors and windows can save you as much as 15%.
Have a professional clean and inspect your central heating equipment every year. This includes your furnace, boiler, and HVAC unit. Once they’re cleaned, you’ll want to make sure you change the filters monthly and vacuum your radiators and registers often. By keeping these items clean you can save as much as 10% on your energy bill.

There are also some energy saving habits you should adopt. These include:
Close the door to any room that you’re not using so you don’t waste money by heating or cooling it. While you’re at it, close off your fireplace damper too, if you have one.
Insulate your water heater, pipes and ducts before the winter season begins.
Turn off your air conditioning any time you leave the home. You’ll pay more to maintain your home’s temperature while gone than you’ll pay to restore the desired temperature when you arrive home again. Throughout the year you should maintain a temperature of 65°F during the day and 55°F at night while you’re sleeping. Not only will you sleep better, you’ll save money too.
Use fans instead of your air conditioner when possible. Fans use only one-tenth of the electricity your air conditioner requires.
Only use your washer, dryer, and dishwasher at night in the summertime. When possible, use an outdoor clothesline.

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Picture Credit: Owens Corning