How to Spot a Home Insulation Scam

How to Spot a Home Insulation ScamMost home insulation companies are honest. Everyone involved with those are out trying to make an honest living providing a service all homeowners need.

But insulations do exist. Here’s how to spot them.

Exaggerated Claims

Insulation will typically help you save 20% on your energy bills. Yet some companies claim it will save 40% to 60% instead. These numbers are completely fabricated!

If a company is going to lie to you about the benefits of their product they will absolutely lie to you about everything else they’re doing.


Here in Florida, R-38 insulation gets the job done nicely. Don’t fall for a company that wants to charge you extra by installing R-60 insulation (which is better for colder climates). Over-insulating won’t give you any real benefits.

Claims of Affiliation

Some contractors claim to have a special relationship with utility companies, both to give themselves some false legitimacy and to pocket some of your money. For example, in Minnesota, a company began wandering around asking consumers to sign over energy credit tax rebates in return for a “discount.”

If you’re entitled to a rebate, tax credit, or any other benefit, it’s yours. Don’t work with a company who is eager to pocket it. No insulation company is ever affiliated with any utility.

Have You Done Your Research Yet?

It’s always a good idea to rigorously research an insulation company before extending trust. Read reviews. Ask them questions. Otherwise, you could end up getting taken for a ride.

Here at Done Rite, we’re committed to working with integrity. If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to call!