Installing a Solar Roof Smartly

Installing a Solar Roof Smartly

So you’re thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and getting solar panels for your roof and converting your home to solar. Nowadays it’s easier than ever and with the promise of the TESLA company and head honcho Elon Musk, having a new solar roof is not only easy to install but cheaper than a traditional roof.

What we need to look at is why it’s so easy to install and the strategies involved. In many cases the installation is so easy, you and your teenage kids could do it. It’s best to get a professional roofer though as they’ll be looking out for safety and efficiency issues. The panels cover most of the roof in order to maximize the area of sunlight the photo voltaic cells can absorb. At such an angle there will also be clearing tools so that when it snows or leaves cover the roof you can easily remove them. Tile and clay roofs are very tough to install over thus demanding a professional roofing installer. Asphalt and other flat surfaces are ideal for the installation of these panels.

These solar panels will soon revolutionize energy for every home and business in the country and the world. We all knew this day was coming but Big Oil and Big Energy did all they could to prevent it. With the freedoms of the internet, scientists are able to develop and deploy affordable alternate energy and market it affordably. Another form of oppression bites the dust and a new age is born.

These panels also must take the best advantage of the orientation of the sun in your area. Once this and all other parameters are in place, over the short and long term you’ll see those energy prices drop and return your investment.

It’s these advances that are making life livable and affordable. Without breakthroughs and generosity are giving way to even better solar systems for roofing. At present there are big panels, however, paints with photovoltaic cells in them and strips with these cells and even decorations will be used to the point no one will even know you’re exploiting solar.

Think of the math. There’s an old trick that comes from ancient Egypt to get people to do more work. You would carry 20 bricks and suddenly realize you’re only carrying 10. You pick up another 10 and look again and it says instead of 20 or 30 bricks it says 10 bricks. How this old trick is done no one knows but it’s being used as an example of the sheer number of roofs that needs panels and once started there will be no stopping. Your roof will be doubly protected by the panels and the basic roofing material you’ve chosen. Problem is, If you have a decorative roof in the first place your solar panels will obscure them and you might want to remove the old roofing, sell it and put the money forward toward the new solar panel roofing.

Yea, a new day has dawned for roofing companies and the sheer number of buildings that will need these panels will provide jobs for a long time.

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