Secret Options for Renewable Energy for Your Home

When you think about house renewable energy you probably imagine big solar panels in the backyard or on the roof. While this is a great way to generate electric, it’s just one of the many alternatives available today.

Wind Power

You don’t need huge wind turbines since wind energy on a smaller scale can easily power your home. There are great benefits to this including the fact that it’s renewable, clean, and cost-effective (ROI in about 6 – 30 years). Grid-connected wind systems are an ideal way to lower your electric bill because they’re smaller and less expensive to connect. With this system you’ll receive energy from the grid when you need too much electricity at any given time. However, if you consistently generate excess electricity your electric company may pay you for it.

Hybrid Power

When you want to be completely off the grid, your house renewable energy should come from a combination of wind and solar energy. Here you’ll use both wind turbines and solar panels to generate the electricity you need. This will create a consistent, reliable system since wind and sun are available at different times.

Geothermal Power

This type of energy comes from the heat that lies directly beneath the Earth’s surface. It’ll supply your home with renewable energy 24/7. While doing so it’ll emit few, if any, greenhouse gases. The benefit is that you’ll use 25% – 50% less electricity than you would with a traditional HVAC system without making many changes or utilizing much space in your home.

Microhydropower Power

When you have flowing water (even a small stream) on your home’s property, it only makes sense to use a microhydro generator. With this you can generate consistent, clean, renewable energy that costs less than solar or wind power. All you need is a waterwheel, turbine, or pump that receives water, causing it to rotate and power an alternator or generate whose job it is to create electricity.

Solar Shingles

In the past we could always tell which homes were using solar energy because they’d have huge, cumbersome solar panels located nearby. This is no longer the case though thanks to photovoltaic roof tiles (a.k.a. solar shingles). Today this is a great option not only because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but it’ll also help you lower the cost of your electric bill.

You’ll find that these shingles are a lot easier to install than traditional solar panels. Once installed you can barely tell they’re there because the blend almost seamlessly with your traditional shingles and work along side them to protect your roof from the elements of nature. Nevertheless, they’re three times stronger than traditional shingles and come with a lifetime guarantee. As such, you’ll receive a lot of great benefits from them with only a slight increase in price over the cost of solar panels.


Adding some insulation alongside of your house renewable energy is also important. For this you can trust Done Rite Insulation to do the job for you. So, when you’re ready to get started on these projects, make sure you give them a call.

Picture Credit: Vivint Solar