Owens Corning Roof Insulation Facts

Owens Corning Roof Insulation FactsAre you aware of a brand of chicken featuring more than 10 herbs and spices? Of course, you are. It is KFC. The reason is that there is just a single brand out there that can make this claim. Similarly are you aware of a pink brand of insulation? Again, of course, you can. It is efficient and reliable Owens Corning Fiberglass roof insulation and it is trademarked. Let’s find out why the roof insulation from Owens Corning is pink and dive deep into the other facts about the insulation material.

The reason behind the pink color

It is a well-known fact that Owens Corning sites are spread all across the U.S. and many pink insulation rolls are coming off the lines. This cannot be said about any of the other companies. Some other brand makes use of green insulation and white insulation. In case you locate yellow fiberglass insulation you must have found the insulation that is generic and is built by older companies. It is just Owens Corning that produces the vibrant and beautiful pink color and it has been doing it for more than 65 years. Owens Corning also teamed up with The Pink Panther the famous MGM cartoon for more than 40 years.

It does not burn

Before learning about other benefits of using pink Owens Corning insulation you need to allay all fears. The first question in everyone’s mind will be, is it fire resistant? Yes, it is. It is blown-in insulation and so is naturally non-combustible meaning that it will not burn. It is also classified as non-combustible according to ASTME 136. Batt insulation made by Owens Corning is available in two types, the first is unfaced that is not combustible and the second is paper-faced having kraft paper.

Great acoustic performance

Apart from being fireproof and pink, is there anything else offered by ProCat blown-in insulation? Does it offer unmatched acoustic performance as well? If you get in touch with a reliable, local pro-insulation service to get the attic insulated by using ProCat, you will find that there is a decrease in noise transmission. It means you are going to get more peaceful nights together with quieter days within your house.

The key lies in proper installation

Although blown-in Owens Corning insulation available through the AttiCat or ProCat systems is a superior product, you might lose this additional R-value if it falls in the hands of a low-quality contractor. Proper installation is the key to maintaining R-value, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Environment friendly and no settling time required

Some of the insulations tend to settle over some time. When it is sitting there, gravity is pulling it down. It compacts critical air pockets that are the main reason behind the requirement of insulation in the first place. There is no settling required for ProCat Owens Corning insulation. The technical tests performed on the insulation show that there is less than a 2% change in dimensions over a lifetime of insulation. If the expert installer says that you are achieving R-36 on the 1st day of installation, you are going to get R-36 on the last as well.

It is green

The beautiful cotton candy color in the attic is green in reality. Fiberglass used by the product is made from 35% recycled glass content. It keeps glass away from landfills, reduces the requirement of mining, transport, cleaning, and fuses sand into glass. It is also helping in maintaining Earth and the ocean green and blue respectively.

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