Keeping Your Garage Cool During Hot Weather

Keeping Your Garage Cool During Hot WeatherCentral Florida summers are famous for their heat and their humidity. For anyone with a garage, this can be bad news. Of course, you could just avoid the garage during the hottest time of year, but that’s likely not a good long-term solution to the issue of a painfully hot and muggy garage. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to keep your garage cool during even the worst of Central Florida’s heat.

Adding Good Insulation

Insulation is often associated with keeping heat inside. However, what it really does is prevent the inside of a building from being affected by temperature changes outside. This can definitely keep you warm in winter, but it can also keep heat out in summer. With quality insulation, all you have to do is cool air down, and then insulation will keep cool air inside while preventing hot air outside from coming in. Insulation can be expensive, but it will ultimately save you plenty of money on air conditioning if it’s done right.

Turn on Air Conditioning

The most effective (and most expensive) option for quickly cooling down your garage. If you spend a lot of time in your garage during summer working on projects or hobbies, then investing in an air conditioning unit may well be worth it. If the only reason you go into the garage is to grab something from storage or to get in and out of your car, then the cost may outweigh the reward. Ultimately, whether an air conditioning unit is the right fit for your garage comes down to how often you use the garage, especially during the summer months.

If you do get an air conditioning unit, make sure you’ve also insulated the garage, otherwise, all of that freshly cooled air will simply escape through walls, roof, and doors.

Increase Ventilation and Circulation

Where installing air conditioning is one of your most expensive options, improving ventilation and air circulation in your garage can be easily done on a budget. Without proper ventilation, hot air will be stuck in the garage, where it can become even hotter than the air outside. Opening any windows and doors can help to prevent this issue, allowing air to flow in and out freely. You can also buy ventilation systems to help boost the flow of air, but they are a bit more of an investment.

Circulation can be greatly improved with a few strategically placed fans. If you have a high ceiling, you may be able to install a ceiling fan, but box fans or oscillating fans are often cheaper and can work just as well. Make sure to keep windows open if you’re using fans, however, otherwise you’ll just end up moving hot air around. Keeping fans near windows can help cool air while also introducing a nice cross breeze.


Dry heat is easier to handle than a humid one, and with the amount of humidity that Florida gets year-round, investing in a dehumidifier for your garage can go a long way to keeping heat manageable. A dehumidifier will go a long way to reducing heat in a garage, especially when used in combination with insulation.

Dealing with an unbearably hot garage can ruin a summer in Central Florida, but it can be managed with the right tools and set-up. For a free quote on insulating your garage in time for the summer heat in Clearwater, FL, contact Done Rite Insulation today. You can also have your home optimized for maximum energy savings and minimal environmental impact.