How To Make Your Home In Clearwater, FL More Energy Efficient

How To Make Your Home In Clearwater, FL More Energy EfficientEnergy efficiency should be at the top of your home remodel list. Not only will it save you a lot of money on your utility bills, but it’s better for the environment too. All it takes is a few adjustments to make a big impact.

Conduct a home energy audit

To determine your home’s current energy efficiency, you’ll want to conduct an audit. Herein you’ll be able to determine what energy-saving modifications you should make. An auditor will check your home’s:

· Doors and windows for leaks
· Insulation in your walls, ceilings, and floors
· Appliances
· Furnace
· Ductwork
· Roof for any small holes
· Pipes for leaks

In doing so they’ll be able to make recommendations about how best to weatherize your home. This simply means protecting it from outside elements while also reducing your energy consumption and optimizing energy efficiency.


About 70% of your home’s energy expenses come from heating/cooling (50%) and heating water (18%). Although you rarely need to heat your home when you live in Clearwater, FL, you probably run your AC frequently. Installing a smart thermostat in your home can reduce your costs here. It’s also important to make sure that your heating/cooling systems are properly sized and highly efficient. These systems cost you more money upfront but with its energy savings, it’ll more than pay for itself over time.

Home appliances

Appliances that were manufactured prior to 2011 waste a lot of energy. Over the years, manufacturers have worked to improve their products’ power and efficiency. Part of this is probably due to the Energy Star Program. Created in May 2011 by the U.S. Department of Energy this program was designed to help consumers save money and protect the environment by reducing air pollution. For an appliance to be labeled with the Energy Star symbol it must be independently certified as energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In doing so it can’t sacrifice any of its features or functionality.

Water consumption

Regardless of where you live, water is a precious commodity. Although there seems to be plenty of it in Clearwater, FL, it’s still vital to protect it. The best way to do this is to install a water filtration system in your home. This will also help eliminate the use of plastic water bottles – something that’d otherwise end up in landfills.

Another energy-saving consideration here is your toilet. A low flow, high-efficiency toilet will use 20% less water than a standard toilet. In doing so you’ll not only conserve water but you’ll also save money.

Low flow showerheads are also great. Over the years they’ve greatly improved so you don’t feel like the water is merely trickling down on you.


Lighting has forever been changed by LED light bulbs. Although they cost more than halogen or incandescent bulbs, this cost is quickly offset by the fact that they last longer (LED bulbs last 50,000 hours or 20 – 25 years while an incandescent bulb lasts 1,000 – 2,000 hours or less than a year and a halogen bulb lasts 12,000 hours or 11 years). Additionally, LED lights don’t contain mercury or other harmful toxins nor do they emit dangerous UV rays. Obviously, you’ll also need to buy fewer lightbulbs too, which also means you won’t be contributing as much to landfills.


All it takes is a few modifications to help with your energy savings. This also helps reduce waste and protect the environment. When you’re ready to make your home more energy efficient your first call should be to Done Rite Insulation in Clearwater, FL. Whether you know you need insulation or you want to avail yourself to energy efficiency experts they’ll be there for you.