Roof Insulation And Roof Ventilation For The Summer

When you are considering home insulation work, one of the more significant aspects is roof insulation and roof ventilation. But attics are rarely seen by the homeowners and you probably do not use yours regularly either. Therefore it is easy to lose sight of the condition of the roof. You mustn’t neglect the roof. Proper roof insulation and ventilation can save you a great deal of energy and it also lowers the utility costs of the home. This is achieved not only in the winter Read More +

Adding New Roof Insulation Over The Old Insulation

When was the last time you decided to take the ladder and go up the attic? In most cases, it will be years or in some cases, you would not have gone up at all. But, it might just be the time for roof insulation. Remember, roof insulation keeps the home feeling comfortable and energy-efficient. However, it may be damaged and it could be the time for getting the home re-insulated. You may wonder whether it is possible to add new insulation on top of Read More +

Home Insulation Requirements For Florida

The residents of Florida may not have to insulate their homes against the freezing winters but keeping them warm in winters and cool in the months of summer needs proper insulation. Here is all you need to know about home insulation in Florida. Residential insulation is a way of saving energy as well. First, the homeowners will have to check their attics for the quantity of insulation already in place. Most houses built before 1980 have inadequate insulation. If the insulation provided is only in Read More +

Extend Your Roof’s Life By Properly Ventilating Your Attic

When you stop to think about your roof, you’ll probably think about your shingles – those overlapping pieces of your roof that protect your home from the weather. However, there’s more to your roof. There’s also your roof insulation and ventilation system, both of which play a major role in its health and longevity. Understanding Your Roof’s Ventilation System This system is responsible for pulling fresh air into your roof attic and pushing heat out moisture out of it. This is important (especially in humid Read More +

Home Insulation Energy Saving Tips

You can easily decrease your residence’s energy usage. All you have to do is take a few simple steps and you will not only save energy but conserve electricity as well. There are several things which play a part in this, from home insulation to weatherizing your home. Here we will take a look at the best ways to do this. First off, you may wonder why you would want to even worry about energy saving tips. You may think that they can not save Read More +

Choosing the Right Home Insulation to Help You Save Energy

When your home is well insulated you won’t have to worry about losing heat through your walls, attic, ducts, or even your roof. Instead, less air will escape from your home, which means that you’ll need less energy to heat and cool your home. In fact, if you’re living in an older home and want to save energy by as much as 20%, experts recommend installing more home insulation. Of course, there are several things you can do when you’re concerned about saving money on Read More +

Secret Options for Renewable Energy for Your Home

When you think about house renewable energy you probably imagine big solar panels in the backyard or on the roof. While this is a great way to generate electric, it’s just one of the many alternatives available today. Wind Power You don’t need huge wind turbines since wind energy on a smaller scale can easily power your home. There are great benefits to this including the fact that it’s renewable, clean, and cost-effective (ROI in about 6 – 30 years). Grid-connected wind systems are an Read More +

Determining If Your Home Needs Attic Ventilation Fans

When you’re suffering through a heat wave, you probably don’t stop to think about your attic. This is the last place you want to go when it’s hot outside, but you shouldn’t neglect it either. After all, your attic shields your home against the heat. As such, it has a major impact on how hot the rest of your home will get and whether you must run your air conditioner more. By improving your attic’s ventilation and reducing how much heat is held there you Read More +

Improving Attic Insulation Improves Energy Savings

For your roof to perform at its best everything must work well together – including your attic insulation and ventilation system. When you have the correct roof insulation in place most of your home’s heat won’t escape through the attic during the winter months and you’ll also be protected from the heat throughout the summer months. This will keep your heating and cooling expenses in check. Why Your Home Needs Attic Insulation The U.S. Department of Energy says that most American homes are under-insulated. This Read More +

What You Should Know About Replacing Insulation

When you add roof insulation to your home you expect it to last a lifetime without needing to be replaced. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. There are some circumstances in which it’ll need replaced or when you must add another layer to it. Knowing when you’ll need more insulation is important. Settling and Compacting Although most insulation materials have been designed to maintain their shape for decades, it’s still possible for them to settle and start to press down upon themselves over time. This causes Read More +