Roof Maintenance Is The Key To Roofing

Your roof is just like anything else that serves you.  Be it a tool or even a pet, you should do your own roof maintenance at the est of your ability as a precaution and a remedy for when things go awry. The roof is the largest area coverage of your home and since it’s on top of the house it is out of sight and unfortunately too often out of mind.  People don’t look into the problems that a damaged or compromised roof can Read More +

DIY Roof Maintenance Saves Time, Money & Misery

Since the roof is the primary defense against the elements, its maintenance is a major priority for all homeowners.  The roof is usually installed with all the protections necessary to keep temperatures at reasonable levels, protect from water damage such as rain and snow, and ice.  It also protects against debris and wildlife including insects.  Its careful construction should last for years but it still calls for the responsibility of the homeowner to keep a weather eye out for trouble. First of all, one should Read More +

How to Spot a Home Insulation Scam

Most home insulation companies are honest. Everyone involved with those are out trying to make an honest living providing a service all homeowners need. But insulations do exist. Here’s how to spot them. Exaggerated Claims Insulation will typically help you save 20% on your energy bills. Yet some companies claim it will save 40% to 60% instead. These numbers are completely fabricated! If a company is going to lie to you about the benefits of their product they will absolutely lie to you about everything Read More +

Installing a Solar Roof Smartly

So you’re thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and getting solar panels for your roof and converting your home to solar. Nowadays it’s easier than ever and with the promise of the TESLA company and head honcho Elon Musk, having a new solar roof is not only easy to install but cheaper than a traditional roof. What we need to look at is why it’s so easy to install and the strategies involved. In many cases the installation is so easy, you and your teenage Read More +

Do You Have Enough Insulation?

Homeowners often want to know whether they have enough insurance. And while you can certainly look at your energy bills or the age of your house to come up with some clues, these methods don’t always provide conclusive answers. Fortunately, there’s a visual check you can do to determine whether your home is properly insulated. All you need do is go up to the attic with a flash light and look around. The insulation should cover your floor joists completely and be evenly distributed throughout Read More +

Can Insulation Help You Control Humidity?

Here in Central Florida, controlling humidity must be one of our number one priorities. The ever-present risk of mold means humidity is a constant enemy. Besides, too much humidity in the home can make you uncomfortable. It’s like breathing through a wet blanket in the summer. It makes you feel clammy and unpleasant during the winter. However, unless we’re talking about insulating cold water pipes, most of the time proper insulation does not directly impact humidity in your home. You can usually control humidity with Read More +

These Two Things MUST Happen Before You Insulate Your Attic

Some insulation companies just show up and throw a bunch of pink batting into your attic without a care for the way such an “installation” will impact your house. They may even manage to avoid hurting homes if they’re doing it in dry climates. But here in Florida we are in a constant battle with heat and moisture, the two conditions that make mold and rot a constant threat. Insulation companies that don’t take the proper amount of time and care can make life very Read More +

Will Insulation Improve the Value of Your Home?

We admit it…insulation isn’t the sexiest home improvement you can make. It’s not as exciting as a whirlpool tub or a brightly colored backsplash. It’s not as trendy as an outdoor kitchen. But if you’re looking for a home improvement which will deliver a good return on investment when you’re trying to sell, roof insulation is hard to beat. It brings the value…and it lowers your bills today….something shiny  new kitchen remodeling job just can’t do for you. It’s an especially good improvement if your Read More +

Get Blown Away With This Insulation Product!

Who ever guessed that installing insulation could be this fun. Well with AttiCat you can install that insulation easy and fast and with professional skill! AttiCat Insulation Blowing Machine actually conditions the pink Fiberglass by breaking it up and fluffing it like cotton candy. This adds millions of tiny air pockets that turn the insulation into a powerful spray on product that is easy to use and does the job. The insulation gets additional conditioning through the hose of the device as it is delivered Read More +

Don’t Be Late, Insulate!

It goes without saying why insulation in the home is of vital importance, but thee are actually people who neglect their insulation and sit around wondering why their energy bills are so high. It’s because insulation is in an out of the way place. Let’s not tarry here. Insulation is one of the most important substances in your home. It protects you from the inclement weather and serves as a great way to keep energy costs low. It also provides a modicum of sound proof Read More +